Spain for sports
It is an opportunity that the Best Spanish Clubs offers to boys and girls from 7 to 17 years old, who want to live this experience. In the Campus, the combination of sport and training turns into an intense educational and enriching process for participants. Through the practice of the different sports and a varied educational program the boys and girls will learn about the leadership, self-control, teamwork, effort and respect for the others. All that is achieved in a healthy and safe environment, with first-class facilities, assisted by a team of highly qualified professionals, both in sports and education fields.

The objectives of the campus are:
  • Develop and refine the technical and tactical play, both individual and collective.
  • Participate actively and enjoy sport and leisure activities. Develop proper exercise habits, competition or companionship.
  • Maintain throughout the campus dietary habits and adequate sanitation.
Spain summer camps
In all Spain, the most important Sport clubs, sports centers, former local players, coaches, private and municipal programs offer sports camps during the months of June, July and August. The Spanish sports campus teach children and young people all about the sport they love, their techniques, tactics, game strategies and practices in the different field sites. You can choose a Sport Day Camp or Sport Residential camp with duration from one week to 1 month. During their stay, the participant, in addition to training, have excursions to the highlights of the area, have extra activities, sports, leisure and recreation and above all, know boys and girls their age with their own tastes of different countries. Students can reach the camp from all parts of Spain and other countries in Europe, Asia or America. All are treated with equal respect and depending on the program; it is issued in Spanish only, English only or in both languages. The parents can stay calm when sending their children to a sports camp in Spain, as they are continually guided by specialized and experienced, the groups did not exceed fifteen students and facilities are safe and reliable.
Normally the activities are divided into four groups:
Training: Monday through Friday, mostly in the mornings (two to three hours), where they learn techniques, collective game, field performance, are given informative talks, instructional videos, etc.. All with highly qualified coaches and chosen in advance by the institution that offering the course/Camp.

Extra activities: are those which are performed at night, after dinner and serve to integrate children with their peers, have fun and spend a nice time before going to sleep. These include: singing and dancing competitions, karaoke, movies, video games, talent show, puzzle games and board games, questionnaires.

Tours: these can be developed for a full day or half day. Basically, it walks and guided tours of major tourist attractions, admission to museums, parks, public buildings, etc.. They also they can visit sports stadiums and meeting facilities.
The sports camps are an ideal time for children to practice their favorite sport, meet children from other cultures, and have fun with the extra activities and knowledge of history and geography field trips. All within a pleasant, friendly, safe, healthy and guarded by experts.
The accommodation can be developed in different ways:
On the campus of the university : if the camp takes place at the premises of a university or school, the children sleep in rooms that are there. These can be private or shared bathroom for him only or for multiple students on the same floor, internet access, etc... The girls and boys are not in the same place. In this case, the participants are in the same place of training.

In hotels: some camps do not have housing, so they hire the services of a hotel in the area.

In bungalows: this type of accommodation is used when the sport camps are located in natural parks or campgrounds, where children are surrounded by nature. Bungalows are usually for 4, 6 or 8 children.

In apartments: private or shared apartments in the city near the sport club that organizes the campus. This accommodation is for teenage students.

In homestay: This accommodation is often used with foreign participants who want to know the customs of Spain and so that children can spend time with a Spanish family, previously chosen and selected through a rigorous examination.
As for the food, it is drawn up under a strict menu by expert nutritionists and prepared by chefs of high quality. The foods that are use are healthy, varied, nutritious and very delicious. A full breakfast, lunch and hot dinner, snacks for the day (during training) and lunches for day trips.

Finally, transport: this includes transfers to the training facilities, hiking and off-campus outings and social events such as tournaments… Etc, if any. The private buses are air conditioned and just take and bring to camp participants.

Each sport camp has its own regulations that must be met by the participants during their station. they are based on respect, friendship, solidarity, hygiene, among others. That is, learning the values of the sport club, association or institution that organized.

SPORT DAY CAMP: The Sport Day Camp is aimed at boys and girls from 7 to 13-17 years old. It is specially focused on those participants who cannot or does not wish a residential camp, but who want to share with other boys and girls and young people the event Campus Experience 2012 that the Sport Clubs offers.

SPORT RESIDENTIAL CAMP: The Sport Residential Camp is aimed at boys and girls from 7-9 to 15-17 years old. Its goal is the human integral education of participants, through sports practice and recreational and educational activities, which promote the coexistence and the individual and social development, as well as the values associated to the Sport Clubs.

TECHNIFICATION SOCCER DAY CAMP: The Technification Sport Day / Residential Camp are aimed at boys and girls from 9 to 15-17 years old who are federated. Our goal is to widen the possibilities of technical training to young people who have achieved a good level of soccer, but who do not wish to stay in a residential camp. It is focused on the perspective of the integral education of participants.
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Each sport camp has its own regulations that must be met by the participants during their station. they are based on respect, friendship, solidarity, hygiene, among others. That is, learning the values of the sport club, association or institution that organized..