Spain for sports
Would you like to enjoy the sea in a fun and different way? Would you like to live some days in contact with nature in an active and enjoyable, enjoying all kinds of water activities? It is very easy, just he come to any of the 23 Marine Resorts that Spain offers you.
On the coasts of Andalusia and Catalonia... From the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands to the coasts of Galicia, Murcia and the Region of Valencia. Here you will find the Spanish Marine Resorts, designed so you can make the most of your holiday by the sea all year round. Live very special days practicing their favorite aquatic sports in Spain: Experience the excitement of sailing, windsurfing practice, leap in the air on a water bike, waterskiing, thrill to the adrenaline rush from parasailing, or immerse yourself in the depths of the sea. Canoeing, boats, snorkeling, cruise trips and deep sea fishing are among the other water activities available at Spain's Marine Resorts. Do not forget that this combination of sport, nature and fun is an excellent and active way to make the most of all the area’s natural attractions.
Scuba in Spain
Spain are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Cantabrian Sea and the Mediterranean, Spain offers a wonderful array of dive options. A combination of cold and warm water attracts a large variety of aquatic life and there are numerous points of interest, including marine reserves, in various locations throughout the territory. Over the next several years, the number of protected areas is set to increase and include areas like Islas Medas, Cabo de Palos, Cabo de Gata and Cabo de Begur. Each of the areas has its own attraction. Some, such as the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean or the Columbretes Islands in the east, are known for their visibility. In the south of Spain, near the straits of Gibraltar, are areas such as such as Granada, Málaga, and Cádiz, with warmer water nearly all year round. In the transition zone from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean, marine mammals are common and there are businesses solely dedicated to watching whales. In the north are Galicia, Asturias and the Basque Country, which have colder waters and more demanding diving. There are also significant tides and a bit less visibility, but this is made up for with the proliferation of sea life. Although the site most famous for scuba diving is the Canary Islands, Due to its location, water temperatures and climate, it is possible to dive year round off of the seven Canary Islands. There are hundreds of possibilities to dive in unforgettable places that are teeming with abundant marine fish, colorful flora and boast dramatic underwater landscapes.
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Windsurf in Spain
Every year, thousands of windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Spain’s beaches to practice their favorite sport. Spain is one of the best places for windsurfing in Europe. For this reason it is no surprise that Spain is the country to host the most world championship competitions. Its privileged natural conditions make it a real paradise for the sport. You will also find that the Spanish coast has many other advantages, including excellent hotel and services infrastructure and the chance to enjoy a broad range of leisure facilities and cultural attractions. You will find a host of ideal places for windsurfing all along the Spanish coast. Nevertheless, there are certain locations with international renown, either for their windsurfing tradition or good access. This is the case of the Canary Islands, known as the Hawaii of Europe in windsurfing circles. Here you will find spots with perfect waves and almost year-round trade winds. Special mention should be made of Tarifa, on the southern coast of mainland Spain, known as the “European wind capital”. This area of the province of Cadiz has all but untouched beaches, an amazing atmosphere, and lives for windsurfing. The thermal winds of the Mediterranean coast make for more peaceful, leisurely sailing conditions, ideal to enjoy as a family. On the Costa Brava, the infrastructure of the Gulf of Roses area, in Girona, offers close to 12 kilometers of recreational beaches, although the prevailing north winds in autumn and winter also make it an ideal spot for windsurfing. On the Costa Cálida in Murcia, the Mar Menor area has ideal conditions to start learning how to windsurf. It has a complete Maritime Resort, with fifteen or so schools to perfect your style. Don’t get left behind: whether you are a beginner or a pro, Spain is an unbeatable destination for windsurfing. We will be waiting for you.
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Fishing in Spain
The Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea are perfect for a day's fishing. If you like fishing out at sea, Spain have many marine resorts to be found around the Spanish coastline. Contact us and will we help you to organize a tailor-made holiday. We offer a range of fishing trips and excursions for all level of fisher people. Fishing is an activity of catching fish using a rod with bait on the hook. Fishing techniques include netting, trapping, angling and hand gathering. You can simply use a simple rod and go fly fishing in a lake or catch a large kingfish in the deep sea . Fly fishing is an old angling method, most known as a method for catching fish such as trout, salmon and bass. Ask us what you need.
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Surf in Spain
Whether you're a complete beginner looking to discover the thrill of surfing, a keen traveler after a fun and original way to explore this enchanting, lesser known part of Spain, or if you're a fully fledged surfer out to raid the veritable surfing treasure pot this fantastic coastline has to offer, we assure you that Spain you're going to love . Spain has a lot going for it, an excellent climate, good food, an interesting history and 4,000 km of coastline makes Spain a surfers dream location. The south is consistently warm and dry temperatures offers excellent uncrowned surfing conditions particular in the European winter months. Northern Spain's longer, bigger and less crowded waves, her golden sand beaches, sun-drenched coves and clear, clean and inviting waters set amongst rolling hills and the often snow-capped peaks of the impressive Cordillera Cantabrico mountain range provide the stunning backdrop for this incredible surfing holiday. The Canary Islands are blessed with being one of the most consistent surf breaks in the Northern Atlantic. In summer, when the rest Europe suffers with little or no surf the North East trade winds bring in swell and good readable waves. In autumn, winter and spring the Atlantic storms in the far north send waves marching towards the Canaries and the surf never stops. Truly one of the world’s most wave blessed surf zones and ideal for all level of surfer from beginner to expert .Consistent waves, warm water and good weather all year round make the perfect place for all levels of surfer at any time of the year.
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Water skiing in Spain
A fast and thrilling sport, water-skiing tests both balance and coordination skills. This healthy, invigorating sport is an excellent way to really enjoy the great outdoors and brings the whole family together for a fun day out or holiday. Spain has an outstanding nature with spectacular and beautiful beaches along huge coastline. Immersing yourself in the sounds and sights of the Spanish waters will be a completely unforgettable experience whether you take the plunge with a group of friends or your entire family. In waterskiing, as with all sports, it’s worth booking professional classes to begin with, as you will learn the essentials, beginning with how to stand up on the skis in the water as the boat pulls off. The feeling of cutting through the water with the wind and spray in your face is second only to flying through the air.
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Sailing in Spain
There is a romantic notion in everyone that has at some point dream about escaping everything and sailing the open oceans being blown where the currents and wind will take you. Well you can make your dream come true. Whether you would like to learn to sail or would rather leave the sailing to someone else and would just like to sit back and enjoy the experience then contact us.
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