Spain for sports
Spain is synonymous with golf, with more than 400 golf courses where you can practice your swing all year around, whatever your handicap. In Spain you will find sun and warm temperatures all year round, These excellent weather conditions, good visibility, gentle winds and pleasant overall climate are ideal for golf, guaranteeing a good, long season. Spain has a long tradition of tennis and the sport is still very popular, partly thanks to the performance of the world's number one, Rafael Nadal. Because of the mild climate that Spain has, the sport can be played outdoors on clay courts all year round. Sun, water and fun: the Spanish coast is the perfect place to enjoy water sports. You can to choose from: the Mediterranean, the Cantabrian and the Atlantic, all with an exceptional climate and a coastline which offers a whole world of possibilities. In our more of 30 nautical stations, you can enjoy May activities and water sport. Spain is the second country in Europe with more mountainous, with a long skiing tradition. 35 ski resorts have a snow quality, first class facilities and many hours of sunshine. You can enjoy any activity and modality.
Golf in Spain
If golf is your thing, then Spain is your destination. Spain is the leading European golf tourism. Every year thousands of people choose our country to play the sport. Discover the fundamental reasons for playing golf in Spain. A wonderful experience you will want to repeat. In Spain you will find sun, good visibility, gentle winds and pleasant overall climate are ideal for golf, guaranteeing a good, long season. Get to know our cultural heritage while you enjoy your favorite sport. Come and discover Spanish art, folklore, traditions, monuments, museums... There are a host of alternatives. A paradise of clubs, holes and greens awaits you in Spain... And there is so much more. Come and see for yourself.
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Snowboarding in Spain
In rudimentary terms, snowboarding sounds insane. Step one: strap a large board to your feet. Step two: hurl yourself off the remotest, steepest and snowiest slope you can find. However bizarre it sounds when described in this way, the extreme activity has worked up an enormous following since its birth in the 1950s. Its impact has been so great that snowboarding now competes almost equally with its sister-sport skiing.
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Tennis in Spain
Tennis is regarded as an elite sport in Spain and has become one of the world’s strongest tennis countries with a some of the world’s best players. Growing steadily in popularity, tennis is fast becoming the new “it” sport in Spain. Thanks to Rafael Nadal´s continuous rise to stardom and the increase in tennis courts and clubs across the country, tennis is becoming the new sport of choice for singles, families and those looking to get a little exercise all year round.
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Skiing in Spain
If skiing is your sport, you should already be thinking about Spain as a destination for next season. There are loads of reasons to come to one of the many ski resorts to be found all over Spain with a high quality snow and plenty of winter sun. Spain is the second most mountainous country of Europe, with a long skiing tradition, and provides all the necessary facilities for you to practice the sport. We have 33 ski resorts spread all around the country with excellent infrastructure, lifts, chair-lifts, and pistes to suit all levels, it is ideal if you want to learn as a family and make your first forays into this winter sport, whether in downhill, cross-country or Nordic skiing. Just choose the resort that suits you best :The Pyrenees Mountains, with their magnificent landscapes and welcoming mountain villages; Sierra Nevada, in Andalusia, with the Granada coast just over 100 kilometers away; the resorts of the Cantabrian Mountains, and those situated in central Spain... we should also mention the excellent cultural and leisure activities available in Spain, with unparalleled historic/artistic heritage, a host of complementary activities that ensure fun for all, and lively nightlife at the resorts themselves with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
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